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This Privacy Policy outlines the conditions that we will adhere to in respect of privacy.

Persons Or Parties Covered

The Privacy Policy designed to protect all visitors to this site, including all people who sign up to newsletters or lists and affiliates, as well as all members as well as all customers. Visitors to or viewers of this site, whether inadvertently or not, and whether they are requested or unintentionally is referred to herein as "Visitors" and are a party of this privacy policy. Subscribers to lists or newsletters are identified in the following paragraphs as "Subscribers" who are subject to this Privacy Policy. People who are members of an organization or market (e.g. "affiliates") that are promoted on this website are referred to as "Members" as defined herein and are subject to the privacy Policy. Anyone who places an order or attempts to purchase, or is a recipient of a product offered (recipients) as well as advertised or delivered through this website regardless of cost, is considered a "Customer" in this Privacy Policy and is covered by the terms of this Privacy Policy not only through consent, but also because of the Purchase Agreement contract. The website and its owners, agents operators, owners, and employees are collectively referred to in the following terms "Website," "Site," or "Seller".

Persons Excluded From This Website Are Still Covered

If someone is removed from this site due to the Conditions of Use or being denied access to the website, but who still does not have a legitimate reason to visit this website is still subject to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy , and therefore is violating the Conditions of Use.

Viewing And/Or Use And/Or Communication Is Construed As Acceptance Of The Terms Of This Policy

Acceptance of the conditions of this Privacy Policy is one of the fee required for your access to the site. If you do not agree to these terms, then you have no legal right to access this website and you are fraudulently using this website.

About The Personal Information This Website Collects And How It Is Used

This website collects regularly information about its users, subscribers members, customers and members. The information collected is gathered through a variety of methods including:

Visitor, Subscriber, Member, Or Customer Information Obtained From 'Registration'

The term "registration" means that the visitor member, subscriber, member or Customer is taking active, positive steps to provide information to this site. It could be pop-ups or pages in which you sign up for an email newsletter or join a mailing list. It may also involve participation in survey of visitors. it could also include requests for information from the website by mail, email or courier. It may result from signing up to an affiliate programme or another membership-based organization, whether in either case, it could be due to ordering an item.

Sometimes, full credit card information could be sent to the site via either fax or fill-in forms instead of the regular processing by a merchant service provider that is secured. The information is held at the top level of security and never disclosed to anyone other than that of the service providers or in the course of communicating with the customer.

Online Ordering

Online order through SSL encrypted communications offered by shopping cart companies that support merchant service firms such as Visa or Master Card provides information to the site, but it does not provide full number of credit card details. When online ordering, the client gives their name address, address and city state email address, phone number CVV2 (back of the card) code, along with often, a password for the member. It is important to consider all of this information on the site. The information used is to ship the product but as per the Purchase Agreement you also approve the use of this information to solicit general inquiries.

Visitor Email Inquiries

Visitors to websites who wish to contact the website are subject to two conditions One, they signify their consent to be contacted by the website. Secondly they must comply with the 'submission' clauses of the Terms of Use, Purchase Agreement as well as the Privacy Policy. Although your email address could or use to market to you, it will be included in the website's general database of solicitations.

Customer Email Or Testimonials

When you're a user and you send emails to our site or communicate via mail or phone the site will collect details about your communications and when you interact with the site, you consent to store, collect or retrieve and use the information it collects as the website deems appropriate.

Any information that, in its own discretion, the website considers to be a testimonial can be published for commercial purposes.

Information Obtained From Visitor Interaction With Banners, Popups, Or Site Advertisers

Users who click on banners or pop-ups or links to advertisements that are displayed on this site, must be aware that information is being collected on their activities. The site is not accountable for the use of data that is collected in this manner. Visitors should assume that (1) data will be taken into account, (2) that 'cookies are typically stored on their hard drives, (3) that website doesn't have any control over the use of this data, (4) that website is not responsible for the accuracy or the content of advertisements, (5) that website is not responsible for downloadings from third-party advertisers which contain viruses, worms or any other code that cause the computer or software damage and (6) website takes no responsibility for any information generated by the click or from data that the advertiser gathers.

Information Obtained From Referring Email Or Referring URLs

If you send an email to a friend via this website or you forward the URL or any of our pages to your friend, you need to believe that certain information is stored about your IP address or email address as well as that from your contact. It is a given that the emails or websites you refer to could appear to be coming from your email address. You will be fully accountable for sending emails or pages to a friend , and accept to indemnify the site for any harm, whether intentional or not, that is a result of those referrals.

Information Obtained From Voluntary Visitor, Subscriber, Member Or Customer Surveys

If not specifically stated by the poll, believe that the information you provide to the site as part of a poll where you are a participant could be used to solicit general inquiries for commercial purposes . You should also assume that the information you provide will be disclosed to affiliates, joint venture partners and marketing agencies or even used by the website to design products or for solicitation to solicit information.

Information Obtained From Electronic Means And 'Cookies'

A lot of websites, including this one, gather details about your computer as well as your email address and your IP address, and your IP. It is safe to assume that your browsing or internet-related activity is tracked, monitored and analyzed. The information collected is usually not specific to you but it can be used to determine your browsing preferences and habits, even though the site might be unaware of or have no information about you.

"Cookies" is the web term used to describe bits of computer code that are placed in your computer's hard disk. Websites utilize this feature to keep you logged in and to keep track of search terms and to track usage of the site, and to protect your password when you use of the site , or the use of the products that are sold on the website. Cookies may also be utilized to gather information regarding your computer's configuration and the usage of your computer.

Cookies are utilized to gather data electronically about you. It might or not be personal information, however it's still information. By visiting this site, you grant permission to use "cookies" and to utilize the data gathered from their usage to help you. You also grant permission to gather, store, retrieve, and utilize the information collected to aid in the design of products, offers to you, as well as general commercial solicitation by this site , affiliates, joint venture partners as well as marketing agencies.

How Information May Be Used

The method of using information described below might be different from how the information obtained is typically used by this website. Although the use of data collected might be made very conservatively, it is best to be sure that it isn't. It is a given that the information that is collected will be shared with other individuals or entities for commercial use. While this isn't a typical usage, it is important to believe that it's the case when you decide about whether or not you wish to view and interact on this site. The kind of information that is shared could include your address, name telephone number email address and shopping habits, along with other details. The information could be utilized for general commercial solicitation through this site or by any other person who it is sold to, rented, or given to.

Information That Is Not Shared

Credit card details or any other financial data is usually not disclosed to the site. In the event that the information is made public, the information is not disclosed to anyone else, except for law enforcement or processing authorities. agencies. The source of this information gives permission to this website and their agents to utilize it for the investigation of fraud or in litigation.

Bulletin Boards And Public Forums

Members, subscribers, visitors or customers who visit any website that offers bulletin boards, or other forums that are public like chat rooms are doing so entirely at risk. It is not possible to assume that the site has any control over the service or protects you in any way from the information you share in public or communicate with others through these services.


In providing this website details that form the basis for communications with you, for example your email address. You are releasing any right to file a complaint regarding unsolicited emails or other spam sent from this site as, by providing the information, you consent to receive communications with us and other organizations for marketing. However, all emails we send out to you will include an unsubscribe button where you can notify to the site that you do not want to receive any messages or other information from the site and your identity will no longer be listed in the database of general solicitations.

Data Security

The website has taken measures to safeguard the data it includes information that is related to you. But, in exchange when you visit this site or engaging with the site in any way you agree to waive any claims whatsoever against this website regarding the loss, modification or misuse of any information. You should be aware the possibility that your private information to be accessed by third parties such as "hackers," and used in a way that could result in harm and you acknowledge that the site isn't responsible for any damage to you.

Revisions To This Privacy Policy Without Notice

The Privacy Policy is constantly evolving. It is constantly changing. It is not a guarantee that it is the same. You are required to review the policy every time you visit the website for any changes. If, in the exclusive view of the website the policy is changed so dramatically that it implies an announcement via the site or mail, you'll be receiving no notice of any changes in this Privacy Policy, nor in any way it is a guarantee that this website will provide notifications. The continued use of this site is proof of that you have accepted the terms of this Privacy Policy, or any changes.

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